Preparation of the stew

-          Soak the chickpeas overnight in warm water with a little salt. Next day remove and drain them.

-          Clean the chards. Soak them with water and salt a few hours.

-         Peel the potatoes, the parsnip, the turnip and the sweet potato.

-          Place the meat and the chickpeas to boil, leave for 1 hour and a half. Take out the foam.

-         Add the vegetables without the potatoes, boil them 45 minutes, then add the potatoes and the blood sausages. Boil   them until they are ready.

Preparation of the meatballs

-          Soak the bread and drain it.

-         Mix all the ingredients except the lemon juice. Add the salt. This dough has to be soft.

-         Make meatballs and pass them by the lemon juice. Add to the pot these meatballs and boil them.