Description of the route 

The path is categorized as a short route (P.R.) by international standardization. It is indicated by a yellow and a white parallel line set horizontally. When these lines cross each other they are indicating a wrong way.

The whole route is quite gentle, with many natural fountains and springs on the way. The starting point A is at the cemetery, at the highest part of the town. From this point and after having crossed the road you can find a sign indicating the P.R. You will soon leave the town behind by following a wide track leading you to the Mariola road. 1. At this point the P.R. goes very near the G.R.-7 and if you follow a path on the right, you will arrive at a water tank where you will find a fountain. 2. Then take a path on the right and follow the ravine along the river until you arrive at La Font de la Coveta (source of the Vinalopó river). 3. At this stage take a wide track and go on until you find the old Alcoy-Banyeres road. Here starts the path P.R. V-90 that goes on towards Onil. Follow the road on the right side and you will arrive at a bridge. 4. Here go off course on the left along a wide track. Shortly after having passed the gas pipeline you will have to take a wide track on the right which along 200 metres mingles with the PR V-35 starting from La Font del Sapo and crossing the Vinalopó river towards Elda. The path continues along a wide track until the fountain of El Teularet de Roc. 5. Here go down a path leading to the mill Molí L’Ombria (river). In this place it is Banyeres camp site. For using it you must call Banyeres de Mariola town hall. 6. Once having left behind the bridge, take the left track in order to arrive at the outskirts of the town and go up along an old sheep track until the starting point (cemetery) A.