The Route of the Paper Mills


Description of the itinerary

The route of the paper mills joins three of the most emblematic watermills of Banyeres paper industry. In Banyeres, nine mills were active between the 18th and 20th centuries in the River Vinalopó. These peculiar factories, magnificent in their time, gave job to most of the inhabitants of Banyeres for many years.

The route throughout the paper mills let the traveler enjoy an interesting walk in which admire the fauna and flora of an almost unchanged environment. Starting from the first paper mill built in Banyeres, “el Molí l’Ombria”, the route goes upstream to “el Partidor”, a facility whose use was to distribute the water, the motive force that worked all the devices on the paper mills. Going downstream the route arrives to “el Molí Sol”, where a famous in Spain and America cigarette paper was made.

The route finishes in “el Molí Pont”, where the “Museu Valencià del Paper” will be placed in the future.

The natural environment has determined the mill’s characteristics. In the route the traveler can find information about plants, like the elder, which was used to make dyes.