Green way Las Virtudes

The whole route consists of 77,19 kilometres. It starts in Muro and ends in Yecla.

The course of this railway, despite lacking tunnels and spectacular viaducts, has long calm stretches, with serene landscapes and large horizons.

The course that covers Banyeres de Mariola municipal district starts at Bocairent towards Benejama. At the border of the Bocairent district you will come across St Antonio chapel with a leafy pine wood. It is at the km 24,89 from Muro. At the km 25,29 you will find a junction, where you should turn on the left and 160 m afterwards you will get to an intersection with the railway and a level crossing house that continues there thanks to a farmer. Go on the right. At the km 27,33 you will find Banyeres de Mariola station. At this point started a railway branch until the cigarette paper factory ‘Blanco y Negro’.

At the km 27,68 there is a dangerous crossroads; please cross it on foot. The level-crossing keeper cottage has been used for many years as the Red Cross headquarters.

At the km 28,48, at the end of the short steep slope, where the road turns on the left, the way continues straight along an earth track.

At the km 30,6 you will get to the third bridge, El Pont de la Marjaleta. This bridge, which has been rebuilt recently, will allow you to cross the river. Cross it and go on straight until the km 34,95, where there is a roundabout. Then take the third way towards Beneixama. .