PR. CV-313

From the Molí l’Ombria go upriver on the right (E) and you will be able to see, from the very first moment, the diverse and lush riverside vegetation that stands out from the rushes, rosebays, and reedbeds, poplars, nettle trees and elm trees, reflecting on the clean waters of the Vinalopó. This way you will soon arrive at the bed of the river, which you will cross under El Partidor, connecting at this stage with the PRV-35: “Banyeres de Mariola – Biar – Elda” 2. (700 m) (0,93 km) (15’)

On the other side you can contemplate the building of El Partidor, where the waters coming from the main irrigation ditch are distributed to Banyeres, Bocairent and Benejama.. At the same time, we can observe the ruins of several waterwheels that took advantage of the water from the irrigation ditch as a propelling force. Last but not least, there is a cobbled winding track that goes up from the river to El Partidor.

After a short but hard slope (S) you will converge at a transverse track coinciding with the PRV-4: “Banyeres de Mariola” and coming from the source of the Vinalopó river, which goes on the right to the Molí l’Ombria 3. (755 m) (1,5 km) (30’).

Follow the new track on the left (S) and walk into a dense pine wood. Afterwards you will face the track called Camí dels Valencians (Camí de Benasaiz or Barranquet dels Pinarets) 4. (755 m) (1,97 km) (40’).