The gastronomy of this town is very rich, in general, dishes point out by its mountainous character. We have a lot of rice and stews for cold winters, and meat like rabbit and lamb.

Here, in the mountains of Alicante province, the so called “Olleta”, is the queen of the stews, it is a succulent dish, and moreover we can not forget the “Puchero” with vegetables, chickpeas, meat, meatballs…

With desserts we use a lot of almonds; it gives a special taste to them. Olive oil, it’s an essential ingredient we appreciate its taste in the dishes.

Moreover, in the autumn we have a lot of types of mushrooms and we use them in our dishes.

Furthermore, we cannot forget the traditional liquor “l’Herbero” it is composed of dry and sweet anisette macerated with aromatic and medicinal herbs from Sierra de Mariola.