The municipality of Banyeres de Mariola has a very rich and varied industrial background. The itinerary of the river Vinalopó through the town boundaries is surrounded by very characteristic constructions such as cloth mills, flour mills and paper mills. These buildings were the symbol of an era and now help us to understand how the industry was then.


It is located on the right bank of the river. There were two buildings; one of them was a paper mill. The two-tub mill was powered by the water coming down from the water divider and now the place where the waterwheel was located is still in existence. Its structure resembles the paper mills in the area, characterized by their vaulted roofs on the ground floor; on the first floor the cloths were selected and it is covered by beams; and the top floor, where the windows were larger for the drying of the paper, was topped by a sloping roof. Currently this building is well-preserved. It has become a second home.