This museum is located in a tower called “Torre de la Font Bona” built in the early 15th century at one of the town gates. It is a square shape building about eighteen meters in height built in raft stone walls with no outer rendering. The corners, cornices, lintels and arches were made in ashlar masonry or dressed stone.

The building currently houses the “Banyeres de Mariola Archaeological Museum” laid out on four floors. The ground floor presents detailed information on the tower, how it was excavated, restored and made ready for visiting.

The first floor contains information panels and also archaeological remains from prehistoric times, covering the first inhabitants of this lands. Tools and artefacts give us an idea of what life was like in these remote days, and there is also a display showing the Iberian fortress town of “Serrella”.

The second floor presents a chronological tour of the Iberian world, then Roman times, and then the Islamic period, after the Christian reconquest with findings from various archaeological deeps.

At the top the third floor is reserved for temporary exhibits.