From this point an extensive and splendid view appears before your eyes. A wide valley is shaped and magnificently surrounded between the Onil mountain range, at south (the tops of which stand out from the dense shadowy area: El Reconco, El Alt de la Creu, El Alt de la Barcella and La Fenasosa), and the not less thick Fontanella mountain range at north. In the valley, among the traditional cereal farming, stand out isolated and peculiar holm oaks, stronghold of which constituted the predominant tree species from the disappeared Mediterranean forest. The whole has an indescriptible chromatic and landscape beauty… Go on along a wide and comfortable track that you should follow on the right (S), (the PRV-4 goes the other way round towards La Font de la Coveta, at the source of the Vinalopó river).

Shortly after going past a hundred-year-old holm oak, and before a junction, leave the main track (along which the PRV-35 continues towards Biar and Elda) and go on the right branch northwestwards.

Along the new track go up progressively among the thick pine wood and some terraced fields having olive and almond trees, and go into the Fontanella mountain range. You will arrive at the countryhouse Mas de la Foia Rodona and at the ruins of another one, with a view to the tops of the mountain range; the peak of La Blasca and the well-defined neck set at the eastern side of the craggy lime walls of the summit. Shortly after this, you will go past an abandoned lime kiln, a traditional building where in the past stone was fired for getting lime or adobe and it consists of the remains of a cylindrical structure of rendered masonry which, as it was usual in this kind of Moorish kilns, is stuck in a border or a slope and on one side of the track there is an overture which was that of the kiln. 5. (940 m) (5,74 km) (1.40’).