Fiesta of Moors and Christians in honour of Saint George

This feast is celebrated from the 22nd to the 25th of April, in honour of our patron Saint George. It was declared of National Tourist Interest in 1988.

The festive events begin by the middle of March. Every weekend the entraetas are celebrated, which consist in informal evening parades of the comparsas (groups of participants in the festival, with a different official costume and with their own premises). The presentation of the program of the festival and the exaltation of the representatives for each comparsa also take place.

On April 22 in the morning the parade and offering of music bands which will be involved in the festivity are held, and in the afternoon, the main parade takes place. In it, all the comparsas parade to the beat of the music, reliving all the feelings on which they pride the most. At the end of it the retreta is celebrated; it is an informal tour through several streets of the town, with lanterns made by the participants themselves which end up being burnt in the main square.

April 24 is called the day of els trons, since it symbolically represents the conquest of the castle by the Moors and the subsequent reconquest by the Christians, with solemn arguments. Also, at the end of them, others of humorous nature are performed, in which informally and funnily current situations are parodied.