Festival in honour of Saint Mary Magdalene

This festival that is celebrated during the month of July holds along with the one of St. George the patron saint of this town. Worship is given to her in her very ancient simple hermitage of gothic style, located in the high part of the town.

Several associations of the municipality along with the town council organise activities such as bobbin meetings, the Supertrack, the Festival of bands of Saint Mary Magdalene, outdoor cinema, bike routes, etc. The fair and medieval market must also be highlighted. This fair has a very ancient origin. It was known by all the nearby townships and a large number of merchants provided the population with all sorts of items. At the end of the month other events take place such as the offering of flowers, the move of the Saint, the procession, and in the evening there is a correfocs (a parade of demons with fireworks) that goes through the main streets, filling them with light and fun.